PINE TREE develops and implements sustainable biodiversity conservation, safe livelihood practices such as agroecology and indigenous peoples’ rights.  It also conducts research and implements educational activities through training.

PINE TREE’s goal is to promote conservation and environmental justice for the rural poor by providing education and livelihood environmental enterprises like organic agriculture, agroforestry and  alternative energy to lessen  peoples’ dependence on forests.

PINE TREE is also strongly promoting and supporting seed banking and anti-biopiracy activities with the help of United Nations Development Programme and World Bank.

The following are the current programs of PINE TREE:

[services_medium title=”Pine Tree Seedling Production” style=”style_2″ icon_bool=”svg” icon_svg=”” icon_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff”]Yearly, PINE TREE raises about 50,000 assorted seedlings for reforestation, biofuel and erosion control such as Pinus kesiya, Pittosporum, resineferum, Calliandra calothyrsus, Flemingia macrophylla, rensonii rensonii and Sesbania sesban[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”Tree Planting” style=”style_2″ icon_bool=”svg” icon_svg=”” icon_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff”]PINE TREE has planted in different part of Baguio and Benguet, Ifugao, Mountain Province, Pangasinan and some parts of Nueva Vizcaya.[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”Bioengineering/Erosion Control ” style=”style_2″ icon_bool=”svg” icon_svg=”” icon_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff”]PINE TREE implements soil and water conservation practices to prevent erosion and landslides. It practices wattling, contouring, check dams, soil traps and hedge-growing[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”Carbon Sink” style=”style_2″ icon_bool=”svg” icon_svg=”” icon_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff”]PINE TREE together is working with the petroleum Nut growers Assn of the Philippines to plant petroleum nut as carbon sink with other tree species. It is also helping in the establishment of a carbon sink program in a  2,000 hectare area on Marilog, Davao City with the Matigsalog tribes.[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”Trainings” style=”style_2″ icon_bool=”svg” icon_svg=”” icon_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff”]Trainings conducted regularly are on: Nursery establishment, tree planting and management, petroleum nut production, organic gardening, vermiculture, community-based seedbanking and biopiracy prevention[/services_medium]
[services_medium title=”Scholarships” style=”style_2″ icon_bool=”svg” icon_svg=”” icon_color=”#ffffff” border_color=”#ffffff”]Scholarships are provided to deserving college students who  take up agriculture, forestry, agroforestry and environment resource management. The funds come from members of A Tree A Day (ATAD)[/services_medium]